Lead Researcher

Oct 11th, 2016


Job Description: Lead Researcher

Mapping Human Rights Violations Project


Transitional Justice Coordination group (TJCG):

The Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG) includes 14 Syrian NGOs that work on transitional justice, civil peace and human rights. The TJCG was established to create a self-governing Syrian CSO coalition, charged with: improving coordination and collaboration between organizations working in similar fields; providing a platform for the development and implementation of projects that reflect local priorities across the full spectrum of transitional justice; streamlining efforts in the fields of transitional justice; and strengthening relations between CSOs working in the field of transitional justice.


About the project:

The Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG) is working on a project to map gross human rights violations in Syria, including the context in which these violations were committed.

The main objective of the project is to provide an integrated and comprehensive analysis of gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed in Syria, against all victims throughout the duration of the conflict, across the country.


The role:

The scope of the work includes research, mapping of violations in Syria and managing the team of researchers on the project. Each researcher will cover an agreed upon geographical area, in which all types of violations documented will be researched. The researcher will apply a methodology developed together with the TJCG executive committee, which includes categorization according to the nature of the violation and its location.


Responsibilities of the Principal researcher:

• Participate in selecting the research team.

• Develop a research strategy in collaboration with the executive committee of the TJCG to achieve the project’s objectives.

• Participate in a training in Turkey in order to develop the skills of the researcher as well as to understand the nature of the project.

• Lead the research team in conducting systematic research on the violations committed in selected geographical areas inside Syria.

• Collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data relating to the violations committed in Syria.

• Frequent coordination and reporting to the executive committee of the TJCG; providing periodic progress reports on a weekly basis or as the need requires.

• Identify and solve problems relating to the research project.

• Cooperate with principal researchers on the other research teams in order to deliver a final report that reflects the objectives of the project.


Qualifications and experience:

• Master's degree in human rights or other relevant major.

• Research experience in the documentation of human rights violations.

• More than 3 years of practical experience in the field of human rights or equivalent.

• Demonstrated awareness of the backgrounds of the Syrian conflict; as well as the geographical areas in Syria

• Fluency in English and Arabic, for oral and written communication.

• Ability to adhere to the objectives and research criteria detailed by the executive committee of the TJCG.

• Leadership and team management skills and high communicational abilities.

• Proven ability to work toward deadlines and achieve research requirements.

• Awareness of relevant issues of security, confidentiality and research ethics.

• Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity.

• Commitment to work full-time within the Gaziantep office.



Please send your most recent CV and a motivation letter with subject (TJCG_Researcher_Mapping) to:


The final deadline for applicants: 26 October

The decision making process

A panel will review applications by the criteria detailed above. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview.