A new bloody court in the city of Sarmin

Oct 30th, 2014

Alkawakibi Organization    


Alkawakibi Organization documenting

A new bloody court in the city of Sarmin

in the country side of Idlib city lunching its actions

in enforcing a new punishment in the area it's the stoning.


ISIS is no longer the only one who do stoning.

It seems that extremism is widely spread within the sharia courts.

Alkawakibi human rights organization has documented a case of stoning a man charged with adultery.


Alkawakibi organization

Saraqib office:

Alkawakibi human rights organization has documented the very first of its own case in Saraqib city since the beginning of Syrian crisis surprisingly outside of Alraqqa city controlled by ISIS.

Our activists documented the forming of new sharia court in Sarmin city ten days ago. It located temporarily and operate in Saraqib for now, this court belong to these following military groups (Jound Alaqsa in Sarmin city - Saraqib rebels front- Alnosra front).

According to our activists, this court has lunched stark and explicit threats immediately after its inception, that it will be hit with an iron fist against anyone who have civil infidel activities

In addition, that the people will remember ISIS's courts in reference that it will be more intense than ISIS.

Since almost a week ago this court started its bloody actions where a patrol of the security of road group captured a man with a girl in a car parked beside the road east of Saraqib, the soldiers took them to the headquarter of the court in the middle of complete silence.

According to our private sources inside the court (who refuse to expose his name for his security), he said the man and the girl have been tortured by the court men until they admitted with committing adultery.

The court immediately give order to flog the girl because she is not married (we are trying hard to have her name of course it is difficult because of the complex situation there).

And the court gives order to stoning the man to death (the man came from a village called Tal Aldaman east from Saraqib we are not allowed to tell his name right now).

The man have been stoned next to the granaries south of Saraqib.

This case considered the first one of its type occurred in Idlib provenance or even outside Alraqqa city, which is controlled by ISIS.


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Halmstad 30/10/2014

Alkawakibi organization