Press Statement About targeting civilians in Ayn Al-Arab (Koban

Sep 29th, 2014


We had issued a human rights report on 22/09/2014 about the horrible crimes committed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). We have stressed the need for an urgent action to protect civilians in Ayn Al-Arab (Kobanê) and its countryside. The fighters of People’s Protection Units (YPG) are defending the city and resisting the vicious attack with local capabilities which are almost non-existent.

However, on 27/09/2014 ISIS targeted the eastern neighbourhoods of Ayn Al-Arab (Kobanê) with five mortar shells 120 calibre. These shells hit the houses of Mahmud Ahmad Hamke and Dr. Mohammad Ali Fathi Mohammad Ali. The rest fell on a public park and another one on the entrance of the city. The last shell settled on a farm land.

The result of this terrorist targeting is a civilian victim. He is Idris Amin Hasan, 17 years old. Eight people had been injured. They were transferred immediately to the Turkish hospitals. But Khalil Ahmad Mohammad Hamke (50 years old) passed away due to his injury. The wounded citizens are:

1-      Dijwar Rammok (20 years old)

2-      Fathi Mahmud (23 years old)

3-      Mohammad Bozan (60 years old)

4-      Alaa Al-Deen Ahmad (17 years old)

5-      Riyad Ahmad (32 years old)

6-      Mohammad Othman (16 years old)

7-      Khalil Muslim (21 years old)

We, Monitoring and Documentation’s Office in Fraternity Center (Birati) for Democracy and Civil Society, condemn the continuation of targeting civilians by this terrorist group. We appeal to the international community, all organizations and the international coalition to intervene to protect tens of thousands of people in Ayn Al-Arab (Kobanê). We appeal as well to secure the return of approximately 150 thousand of victims of the enforced displacement. Their suffering is continuing on the Turkish border which was closed few days ago due to the massive influx of civilians. It is a humanitarian disaster. It is a shame on the international community which is hesitant to take the necessary procedures to diminish this catastrophe and prevent its expansion according to the international norms and conventions that are concerned with protecting civilians in the time of war and secure the right of emigrants in the territory of the neighbouring countries.


Fraternity Center (Birati) for Democracy and Civil Society

Ayn Al-Arab (Kobanê)’s office 28/09/2014