A statement issued by Alkawakibi Human Rights Organization

Sep 9th, 2014


A statement issued by Alkawakibi Human Rights Organization

about Syria private investigation committee report

The international investigation committee about Syria, has Issued its eighth report on Wednesday 27/08/2014 accusation that includes the entire Syrian regime and the Islamic Caliphate of committing multiple crimes against humanity in Syria, including against civilians..

Collective massacres against the civilian population in many villages and cities in Syria using those drums of death and ditched the aircraft add to indiscriminate shelling with rockets and artillery shells, tanks.

The displacement of the population by the barbaric bombing of inhabited areas, which is out of regime control.

Obstruction of humanitarian access to areas that are not dominated by the system of food and medicine and supplies to live and daily life and the application of the policy of starvation.

The use of toxic chemicals as a lethal weapon more than eight times in the countryside of Idlib and Hama.

Methodology practice to the worst forms of torture and psychological terror in prisons and detention centers add to sexual assault against equality and excessive starvation of many of the prisoners down to death.

This report was based on 480 documented interview proves all violations unprecedented and brutality toward the Syrian citizens.

The report also included violations of by the barbarism Islamic caliphate of killing and slaughter, destruction and displacement.

the report call for provide all those responsible for these practices, whether they are from the Syrian regime or from ISIS to International Criminal Court, and attached the report with a secret list of those who are wanted to bring in front of ICC.

Alkawakibi organization for Human Rights emphasizes the importance of the contents of the report, calling and appeals to all the nations of the world to support the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria. Support the commission in its claim to refer those accused of such crimes against humanity to ICC and to do pressure on decision-makers in the Security Council to implement this requirement.

And In case of the failure of the UN Security Council for carrying out its duties and this is expected after the dramatic fall of the Grand nations from the world of humanity,

And because of the conflict of international interests in Syria, this case is necessary to find a way beyond the legal checks on the owners of the resolution in the Security Council for the formation of a special tribunal for war crimes in Syria to judge all those who were behind these crimes .

Halmstad 9/9/2014

Alkawakibi Human Rights Organization