” Commemorating the Ghouta Chemical Massacre: Campaign Statement “

Aug 21st, 2014


The chemical massacre, which took place in Ghouta- Damascus Suburbs one year ago, was a disgrace to all humanity. For more than two and half years of relentless killing, Assad regime have been using gunfire, artillery and missiles in slaughtering the Syrian people, whose only crime was to demand freedom. The regime went even further and used internationally-banned chemical weapons. The regime’s chemical attack killed, in a matter of minutes, more than one thousand persons, most of whom were women and children, who were peacefully asleep in eastern and western Ghouta.

Like other massacres, the chemical massacre went by and the culprit who had been ruthlessly and deliberately killing civilians for more than three years, was unpunished. To date, the number of martyrs has exceeded quarter a million people, and still counting.
Despite the outrage of world leaders at that time, reactions were mere statements to the media falling far short of any tangible measure to hold the regime accountable or deter it from further massacres. So much so that even the United Nations mission report refrained from blaming or indicating the perpetrators’ identity, while merely confirming that chemical weapons had indeed been used as though that was questionable after more than a thousand deaths by toxic gas on the night of 21 August 2013.
The elimination and destruction of Assad’s chemical arsenal, following a proposal by his Russian ally, was at best a meaningless initiative for the Syrian people. For the criminal who killed Syrians by chemical weapons, as he did by conventional ones, is still free pursuing his killing and maiming campaigns. Even more, he did use chemical weapons again several times when he shelled civilians with Chlorine, that is a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention which the regime ratified as part of the chemical arsenal elimination deal.
The peoples of the world must stand up to their obligations towards the Syrian people in their just demands for freedom and democracy. They must put pressure to their governments to stop the war crimes perpetrated by the Assad regime. Assad and his regime must be brought to justice and the international community should understand that silence is complicity as it allows the continuation of the massacres and the violations of the values of justice and humanity by the enemies of humanity.