TJCG 3rd meeting takes place in Istanbul

Jul 9th, 2014


​The general assembly of the Transitional Justice Coordination Group held its third meeting on 23-25 June, 2014. Representatives of 17 Syrian organization that works on transitional justice attended the meeting. The meeting focused on two issues: the victims and their organizations and the role of economics in transitional justice. The meeting was attended by Mohamad Abdeldayem from ICTJ who gave a talk about the transitional justice best practices; Ayman Tabbaa, who spoke about the relationship between the business sector and the transitional justice; and Emad Kousse, who spoke about the relationship between economics and transitional jstice. The Group discussed at length a report presented by Amr Sarraj and Diab Sirryeh on the victims organizations​ and their roles in TJ. It also discussed the details of a joint project between the Group and ICTJ. In the end the general assembly elected a new Executive Committee and a Monitor and Transparency committee.