About Us


About us:

The Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG) includes 18 Syrian NGOs that work on transitional justice and civil peace, in addition to representatives of the interim government and the Etilaf. The TJCG was established to create a self-governing Syrian CSO coalition charged with: improving coordination and collaboration among organizations working in similar fields; providing a platform for the development and implementation of projects that reflect local priorities across the full spectrum of transitional justice processes; reducing the duplication of effort that has been prominent in TJ programming for Syria to date; and strengthening relations between CSOs working in the field of transitional justice, broadly defined, and the official institutions of the Syrian Opposition, including the Assistance Coordination Unit, Interim Transitional Government, and Coalition leadership.


To advance these aims, member CSOs in the TJCG selected 24 representatives to serve on a General Assembly that will oversee its activities. Members of the General Assembly come from diverse regions, sects, and ethnicities in Syria. Since January, the TJCG has held two meetings of the General Assembly, with logistical and technical support from TDA. In these two meetings, they engaged with subject-matter specialists on transitional justice from Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon to explore relevant lessons for Syria. They also received comprehensive training from international experts on transitional justice.


In addition, The General Assembly has identified a number of priorities for the TJCG to develop and implement. Foremost among these is improving the leadership skills and organizational capacity of member organizations; and focusing the efforts of member CSOs on the neglected but crucial issue of victims’ representation and the need to develop organizations able to ensure that the concerns of victims are included in processes of reconciliation, justice-seeking, and peacebuilding.